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Support Systems for International Students

Support Systems for International Students

① Tutorial System for International Students

On the Iida Campus, the university offers a tutorial system to support international students. For international students who have just arrived in Japan, Japanese senior students help them adjust to campus life and curriculum enrollment, office procedures and daily living. Two to three Japanese students are assigned to one international student, and each advisor will consult with him or her at least once a week regarding various matters.

② Residential Circumstances for International Students

Although there is no designated on campus housing for international students, international students may be able to live in the Yamanashi Prefecture International Exchange Center located roughly one kilometer away from the campus. Rent is \33,000 / month included utility costs. Bath, lavatory, air conditioner, study desk, chair, TV, bed and etc. are furnished; however, the kitchen is shared. At the facility, library space is also available.

③ Scholarship and Other Financial Aid

Independent Administrative Institution Japan Student Services Organization offers Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students (\48,000 / month). International students will be able to apply for scholarships provided by other various organizations through the university. Information is available on the bulletin board of Student Services.