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Exchanges and Events for International Students

Exchanges and Events for International Students

While Yamanashi Prefectural University is a small institute, exchange between faculty, staff members and students are very active. International students will be able to consult with their homeroom teacher, seminar teacher as well as tutors if they need to talk to someone regarding course work and campus life. Moreover, we plan all kinds of events promoting active exchange between international students and Japanese students.

Voices from International Students

Indeed, Yamanashi Prefectural University is a small institute; however, the atmosphere on campus is very lively. International students are provided with many opportunities to get to know our teachers as well as Japanese students. It is very calm around campus and I think it’s a great environment for studying. Also, the tutorial system by Japanese students for international students is available and the system supports our overall campus life.

Part of Yamanashi Prefecture International Exchange Center, which is located about one kilometer from the school, is our home. Those who are yet not familiar with Japanese customs will enjoy a great campus life under a quiet, comfortable environment. In addition, we have a lot of opportunities to participate in a variety of activities and events with researchers from different countries, and we pretty much enjoy them.

Yamanashi Prefectural University is like a vessel going out to on a sea with full sails receiving the wind on the mast. Would you like to pursue your dream and outride waves with the university?

Overseas Partner Universities

Our overseas partner universities are as follows.