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Message from the President

Kazuhiko Shimizu

【Kazuhiko Shimizu】

President's Greeting
Yamanashi Prefectural University (YPU) has three faculties and one graduate school: the Faculty of Glocal Policy Management & Communications, the Faculty of Human & Social Services, the Faculty of Nursing, and the Graduate School of Nursing. YPU’s two campuses, Iida and Ikeda Campus, are located in Kofu-shi, the center of Yamanashi Prefecture. The prefecture ranks No.1 in Japan for not only agricultural production of peach, grape, and plum, but also sunshine duration, shipment of precious metal products, the highest annual volunteer rate for handicapped people, and the top number of the senior centers per 100,000 over 65 year-old.

In a natural, industrial, and socially abundant environment like this, YPU is pursuing the university education “as a stronghold of glocal wisdom, can nurture future practical leaders, and is open to the community and faces local society”, thereby trying to realize a future-oriented “promising and humanitarian” university for students and academic and administrative staff.

It is my sincere hope that all students studying at YPU can acquire a wide-range of knowledge and strong self-reliance that will assist them to pioneer a bright and promising future thus allowing them to realize each of their dreams.